Raw weightlifting federation

There are still rules in the APA like no canvas, no shirts pulled down past the shoulders, and no briefs under the squat suits.USA POWERLIFTING (USAPL)- The USAPL is a pretty big fed, but it's a very strict federation. The USAPL has some bogus rules too, if you compete against a lifter, in another organization that has been banned in the USAPL, you're banned! What are the most popular powerlifting federations or organizations that most people have heard of?The APA only allows open back shirts, and 2 ply gear.The USAPL allows single ply equipment, and drug tested. Be on the outlook for judging consistency in that org, what equipment is allowed, and how smooth the meets are being run. The rest of the feds have open or tested divisions.(If possible please describe what makes each one unique or different from the rest). These are meets with bigger venues and where the most serious weights are being lifted.However, the USPF has faded as of late, but it's still a strong organization.World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (THE WABDL)- The WABDL only deadlifts, and bench presses! 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation- This Federation is all RAW.The American Powerlifting Federation (APF)- The APF is the most popular powerlifting Federation in the World today. The United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF)- The USPF is the grand daddy federation of them all!So, if you're into minimal gear and want a powerlifting fed that has some history then the USPF is a good fed to check out.However, the APA still keeps limitations on the gear.The American Powerlifting Association (APA)- The APA came along in 1987.

Classic World Records such as Kennelly's 903 bench press, Gary Heisley's (the 6'10) giant deadlifted 925, and when Vinny D benched 777, back when a 777 bench was even more impressive!The USPF only allows single ply, and closed back shirts.All the legends lift in the USPF, including the greatest powerlifter of all time Ed Coan!The judging is good, and the atmosphere is very friendly.The ADFPA was drug tested, and the USPF was non-tested.