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The first key principle that we can glean about the Bulgarian system is the principle of Adaptation. If you want to prepare to lift heavy weights, it makes sense to lift heavy weights. Exercises that are not directly related to the sport shouldn’t be relied upon.The two main reasons you CANNOT train like a Bulgarian are: 1) you don’t have the time, this was their job; 2) you aren’t on a bunch of drugs that enable you to recover so fast. I still believe you can gain a lot from a modified Bulgarian approach.While you can’t train exactly like a Bulgarian, you CAN get much stronger applying some of the same principles upon which their system was founded.And none of his lifters have come out with a ‘tell all’ book, either.But, it would be naive to pretend that steroids didn’t play a big part.As I mention below, there is little to go on, so we’re forced into the position of interpreters of scarce data (like paleontologists). that the Bulgarians – along with nearly ever other dominant country in sports – used a shite-ton of steroids and other drugs.The point is simply that you adapt in direct response to a stimulus. The adaptations that come from sub-80% lifts are different that the ones that result from 90% lifts. The thinking is that they don’t result in the right adaptations, for one.Abadjiev hasn’t shied away from this fact, though he calls them (cryptically) ‘recovery agents’.

Much of this obsession culminates in an attempt to use the ‘Bulgarian method’ of training in some manner on their own. First, it is hard to pin down just what the method was in the first place that catapulted a tiny nation of only 8 million people into weightlifting superstardom and kept them there for decades.We’re left with interviews of Abadjiev and his lifters, a few articles, some writings by those that have spent time with them (e.g. Strossen), Glenn Pendlay, and John Broz (to name a few).That said, it is still instructive to first evaluate just what the Bulgarian system was actually like.See my reference list at the bottom for a few good reads.That said, most of the countries have their lifters on steroids, so the Bulgarians were hardly unique in this respect.