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As a full time student, model and a member of the US Bouldering team, Sierra Blair-Coyle is busy, really busy. Also learn more about natural muscle loss and how to prevent it. Iron woman and registered dietician, Kimberly Schwabenbauer shares her training secrets to be the best athlete she can be. We'll need it this episode because it's all about the craziness of fitness and (in this ca Why are we so afraid of a little muscle? Often times we let fear stand in our way of becoming our best selves. Anyway, Dan and I produce so much amazing cont In today's episode, Dan and I talk about some recent revalations from big food companies. You'll learn why the Kashi brand was caught making a little fib about their "nautral" products.How to create a balanced nutrition program even if you don't like cooking.More than that, we seek out and interview the best guests you can imagine.Personal trainer and life motivator, Bonnie Lang talks fitness, living her fitness and finding a balance mentally and physically. Find out why Bonnie has changed the way she looks at fitness and her body.It's me and my husband talking about anything and everything to help you get better results, lose weight, get stronger, eat better, and so much more.This is a fitness, nutrition, and health podcast for women.Find out on this podcast as I explain the different levels of strength training,... Discover how to be successful and why you are powerful beyond...10 years ago, I would have told you that your workouts were crazy. You'll learn how to find the passion in your daily life. You just need to Today's podcast is another "book" review/rant about facing your fears.It's my job to share the best and worst workouts, which is why I've learned to embrace a bit of... It had nothing to do about being a smaller size, and all about living life. They really don't, unless I guess if there's a bunch of men together and they are just... I think the reason is we fail constantly a In this episode of What The Fitness, Dan and I talk about a book Dan recently read called The Motivation Hacker.

How does she balance training, work, study and a life? And enjoy tips on getting started in climbing, no matter... As a woman, how should you eat for training, or even general workouts? What's holding us back, as women, from getting the body we want and the strength we need to be independant and strong? There are really only two types of fear in this world, and you need to know which of the two holds you back. She really helps you look at your life through a different lens.You'll learn about a book we've read called The Today's episode is a really fun one.How are you supposed to simply wake up and love your body? Bonnie and i share our struggles and how our views on our body image have changed over time. And are they really after trying to eat the way our ancestors did?What helped her successfully beat anorexia at the age of 14 and how food continues to play a struggle in her life while running a highly successful food...It's very laid back and through it you'll learn about amazing fat burning workouts, techniques, and fundamentals that actually work. What it felt to be in the room with Arnold, what could have been different with training and how she'll improve to lift heavier. Taylor Kiser, blogger behind the popular Food Faith Fitness Blog shares her struggles with food.